Grieving Information

Hello everyone…With my Grief Group starting next week at 5:30, I thought I would provide an overview.  During this 6-week group we will discuss what grief is, the different types of grief and stages, symptoms, grief wheel, some myths, coping strategies, feelings/emotions, and bereavement.

The group will also have different activities including making a memory box, journaling, drawing, and others.  We will discuss how we grieve not just because of a loss due to death but divorce, change of life, losing a friend or pet, losing a job or your house.we can grieve about anything we can lose.

The main purpose of this is to educate and support the members of the group with the grieving process and what grief, mourning, and bereavement actually mean.  I would like to share one thing from the group handouts.

The “Uniqueness” of a person’s grief will be influenced by:

  • How the bereaved perceives the loss.
  • The bereaved’s age.
  • The age of the person who died.
  • The degree to which the bereaved was prepared for the death.
  • The bereaved’s inner strength and outer resources.
  • The nature of the relationship with the person who died.

The group starts 5:30 on March 25th, 2015 and there is a $30/week cost.  Will accept McLaren and Meridian Insurance payments.  Come join us and learn more about grief and the coping strategies that you can utilize.

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