The God Box

This would be good for groups as well and you can put anything that you are worried, stressed, or anxious about. And once it is in the box it is taken care of.


Processed with VSCOcam

The God Box, also known as an Acceptance Box is a container that holds lists of things you need to give over to your higher power. We all fixate on things we cannot control and let them “rent space in our heads”. This can inhibit our growth and take up energy we could otherwise be using constructively.

So, what are you worried about?

Is there a situation, a person, an event that is gnawing at you from the inside like a termite? Don’t let it fill you with insecurity, fear and anxiety. Write it down and mindfully place it in your God Box and ask your higher power to take this burden from you. Writing these things down on a piece of paper and casting them into your box is a symbolic way to let go of what you cant control.

Here are the materials used for this project:

paper mache box…

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