Possible PTSD Interventions that could Work

Hello, everyone. I thought since June was PTSD Awareness month I would add to the article I reblogged at the beginning of the month and give some of the activities that I use with some of my clients.

I recently ptsd 1reblogged on what causes PTSD which is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In order to reach my ultimate goal of providing information about what to do if you have PTSD, let me break down the article that I reblogged. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a complex illness that can cause the sufferer to have flashbacks, lose all emotion, and have angry outbursts, anxiety, guilt, depression, trouble concentrating, physical symptoms, and avoidance of people or places that remind them of the event. The symptoms can disrupt normal activities; can be triggered by sights, sounds, words, situations, and smells that can be reminders of the trauma. These symptoms are categorized into three groups: reliving, avoidance, and increased arousal. Although there are multiple reasons people have PTSD, they do not have to suffer with it.

I am going to include some interventions or techniques that I have used as a counselor with my clients. I am going to suggest that if you are or someone you know is dealing with PTSD please seek professional treatment. Some of the treatments that help with PTSD can include cognitive behavioral (talk) therapy, a support group, and/or medications.

For my clients that deal with anger: we work on identifying their triggers for the anger. Deep breathing: breathing in through the nose (count to 4), breathing out through the mouth (count to 4) and repeating. I usually recommend this one right at bedtime since it can help calm the body down. Some other things I do include: journaling, drawing, and daily and weekly mood charts to chart emotions and when they occur.

Another thing I do is grounding or relaxation techniques. I learned about grounding from Seeking Safety. The basics with grounding are staying in the moment. You can play trivia, or imagine a safe place. With relaxation techniques, you can do a progressive muscle relaxation or deep breathing, or imagery. I would suggest seeking professional treatment for assistance with these techniques. You can also listen to meditation music on the TV, YouTube or purchase CDs.

As usual, if you or someone you know is having trouble with their emotions, not sure what they want to do in life, please seek the assistance of a professional counselor.   You can call me at 517-203-5270 for more information about my appointment availability

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