Diabetes Part 2: More education

Today’s blog is related to the current ads that Cross-fit is running about Coca-Cola causing diabetes.  I have already posted a little about diabetes in a previous blog, but with the ads that Cross-fit is putting out I believe education and banding together is the only way to get the message across that it is not okay to post half-truths about diabetes or any illness.  Yes, I am not happy with Cross-fit at this moment, their ads are rude and not true.

I have a beautiful type 1 diabetic that fights daily for her life, anything can cause her blood glucose to go dangerously high or even low and when it is low we have to give her COKE or PEPSI   (to save her life) and when it is high we have to give her extra insulin.  She was 10 when she was diagnosed and it was the roughest day of our lives so far, but during the past 7 years there have been numerous hospital stays, doctor appointments, glucose checks (4-8/day), injections (@ least 4/day), tears, laughter and hugs, there are days that she wants to just quit diabetes and days and nights that i wish i could take it from her, but we can’t…she FIGHTS DAILY…

A word clould concept around the word Diabetes including words such as glucose, pancrease, blood, insulin and more.

She wasn’t overweight at diagnosis, didn’t drink a lot of pop or eat a lot of sugar, but her pancreas quit working as well, diabetes is an autoimmune disease and because of that she has to supplement insulin injections to live.  The only reason I am posting is because education is a way to help ignorance and I want to educate people on my lovely daughter.  I also have a wonderful type 2 diabetic mom, that was diagnosed about 10-15 years ago, a lot of her diagnosis is age, health, weight, eating and exercise habits.

Yes there is new research daily, but that is not always accurate for every diabetic whether it is type 1 or type 2…personally I would like to see type NONE…the only cure for my daughter is a pancreas transplant and that is not really a cure it is another option just like insulin…you may agree or disagree don’t really care, i am a mad momma and daughter and trying to explain my reality and a lot of parents reality…we get up in the morning wondering if our t1d will wake up, check their levels, give their insulin, check ketones (if bg is high), we do this at every meal or snack including physical activity…then we check again before they go to bed and some even check in the middle of the night or have our t1d sleep with us so we can check them ourselves while we try to sleep some…a lot of us have other children that can feel neglected or left out because we focus on this illness…

We go to work wondering about our children and hoping that they are okay at school, and even have fights or arguments with the schools when our kids are being mistreated or struggling to keep their levels adjusted and what happens if the child goes into DKA while at school, was told it was the parents responsibility to transport, not this momma made the ambulance take her because they were more equipped to handle her symptoms…@CROSSFIT if you think you can handle our lives please many of us parents could use a break for a couple of hours…sorry for the rant.

Our diabetics need care, compassion, understanding and assistance at times, not ridicule, blame, or jokes in bad taste aimed at them.  I know that there have been some diabetics pass away due to the disease and we as parents try our hardest everyday to keep our children alive and well.

Yes, in Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet, exercise, and medication.  Type 2 usually is related to weight and health, but not always.  Type 1 can not be controlled by diet and exercise.  The children and adults with type 1 have little to no function in their pancreas which is the organ that produces the insulin your body needs to properly use the nutrients from your food.  Exercise, diet, and insulin injections and/or insulin pumps keep our children (adults) alive and healthy.

I know from personal experience as many parents to see their children in the ICU with numerous IVs in their arms and oxygen on and not being able to give them food or drink when they are hungry because that would make them sicker.  I know how it is to have to hold a child as they are getting the IV in their arms and when they first learn of their diagnosis.  I know how it is to fight with a teenager when they decide they do not want to do their insulin or eat correctly because they want to just have fun like their friends.  I know how it is to wake up to find my child passed out in the middle of the floor, because her sugar level was 33 and you had to run and get the emergency insulin and call 911 to just wake her up and have her cry for you because she does not see you.  I know how it feels to look at your child and your mother’s instincts tell you that she is either too low because she is falling asleep or she is too high because of her attitude.  A lot of the parents with diabetic children know these things and I believe that we deserve respect and not false truths.  I am not doing this to give Cross-fit more free press, but to provide education to those that want to confuse the two…UNTIL THERE IS A CURE AND A TYPE NONE, I WILL CONTINUE TO STAND BESIDE MY BEAUTIFUL TYPE 1 DIABETIC DAUGHTER AND DEFEND HER NO MATTER WHAT…

3 thoughts on “Diabetes Part 2: More education

  1. In the past two days a 5 yr old baby died bc of a misdiagnosis and a 4 yr old baby is on the brink and his organs are failing…SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE SO OUR CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE DOESN’T DIE SO YOUNG.


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