Frequently Asked Questions…

For this post I am going to answer some questions that people might have regarding counseling, therapy sessions with me.  Remember there are people out there that can help you deal with your mental health issues.  If you have any other questions regarding therapy sessions with me, please contact me and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

  • Do I work with your insurance?  Right now I am on three panels: Aetna, McLaren, and Meridian.  But I am willing to work with you if you have other insurance coverage.  I can see you as an Out of Network Provider, which means you pay me and I will give you a superbill to submit to your insurance company.  Medicaid will only pay for 20 visits per year, which is something to keep in mind.
  • Is therapy confidential?  Yes and no.  I am required by law to report abuse.  I will only break confidentiality if (1) you are being abused, (2) you are abusing someone else or threatening to harm another person, (3) if you intend to harm yourself.  If I am court ordered to provide information about your case I would need to get your permission to release the information.
  • How long does therapy take? There is no set time limit as far as therapy is concerned.  I usually start seeing clients for 1 1/2 to 2 hours the first visit which is to gain as much information as possible about their current situation.  At the first appointment, the client will fill out the intake packet which includes, client information, assessments, problem list, and other documents.  Then we will go to an hour appointments weekly, then depending on the situation we might then go to every other week after a month or two of weekly appointments.  Each case is different, so it is difficult to say exactly how long it will take.
  • How do I know if I need therapy?  If you have been feeling down or sad for more than 2 weeks, having anger issues, dealing with stress or anxiety.  If you just feel like you are overwhelmed and need to have someone to talk to, then you might need therapy.  If you have experienced trauma in the past you might need to talk to someone about that trauma.
  • What are the age ranges?  I can see children, teenagers, adults.  Although the younger children will participate in Play therapy.
  • What is Play Therapy?  Play Therapy is a fun and natural way for children to express themselves, allows them to relieve feelings of stress, and to show how they are feelings.   Play allows children to “tell” the counselor what is bothering them without words.  Play is the natural language of a child.  Children who are dealing with social, emotional, behavioral, and learning problems, including post-traumatic stress, conduct disorder, aggression, anxiety, fearfulness, depression, ADHD, impulsivity, low self-concept, reading difficulties, and social withdrawal.
  • What is Theraplay?  Theraplay is a technique that is used to replicate healthy parent-child interactions to build health attachments, it is a short-term approach that is intimate, physical, personal and enjoyable. It is mainly used for children from birth to 12 years old, along with their parents/caregivers.

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