Relationships: Basic Information Part 1

How many have had a troubled relationship? Filed for divorce? Broken up over something that was silly and stupid now that you can look back at it. I am going to explain The Tests of True Love on through Pinterest and thought that the way it breaks down what love is and what lust and the three main components to a relationship was really interesting.

As a wife, mother, counselor I know how hard keeping a marriage or any relationship going strong can be. I have been researching this for a few now and I have found various tips on how to make your marriage last so for the month of October I will be posting a challenge. The 30-day relationship Challenge that I found through pinterest. I also found other tips which I will eventually post. I am going to make Relationships the topic of choice for the next 3 weeks. Part 2 will list ways couples can connect quickly. Part 3 will be better communication. Then I will list the 30-day challenge for October.

Love vs. Lust
• Love is a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.
• Lust is the feeling that is often mistaken for love at first sight. It is an intense and sudden attraction to somebody you hardly know. It is mistaken for love because the attraction is so strong.

• Communication
o Good Sings
 You talk openly about life issues such as finances, children, things that frighten you, where you want your life to go.
 You can argue and come to some sort of compromise at the end of it. Better still you argue it proves that you have the ability to talk to each other.
 You are open and honest with each other about your feelings.
o Warning Signs
 You only know their favorite color, what paper they read. You are afraid to ask them in-depth questions about his life for fear of rejection or what you might find out.
 You don’t discuss how you are feeling with each other and it builds up inside you, often resenting each other.
 Neither of you is willing to forgive one another.
• Love
o Good Signs
 In a crisis you stand by each other no matter what the result.
 You make sacrifices to make the other person happy.
 You are truthful and honest and don’t keep secrets from one another.
 You are emotionally, physically, and mentally compatible.
 You are friends as well as lovers.
o Warning Signs
 When the going gets tough, they get going.
 He has a wandering eye and has proved to be trustworthy.
 He lies to you about where he has been and only confesses when you find out the truth.
 There is little physical affection, laughter, or communication between the two of you.
 He has been unfaithful on numerous occasions.
• Respect
o Good Signs
 You are aware of your partner’s faults and you are able to accept some imperfections.
 You support and encourage each other’s individual interests and identity.
 You take the time to listen and understand the other’s point opinion.
o Warning Signs
 You criticize each other in front of others.
 They will not give you space to indulge in your interests and wants to spend every minute of the day with you.
 You are constantly struggling to live up to his standards or the person you think they want you to be.
 You can’t forgive and/or forget each other mistakes.

If you or your partner exhibits any of the warning signs then you should probably seek counseling for your relationship. Please seek help before it is too late, as always I am available Monday-Friday and some Saturdays. Until next week for how couples can connect quickly.

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