Relationships Part 3: Communication Tips

The past two posts have been about relationships the basics and how to connect more with your partner. This week I will be listing the tips to better communication that I have found. Then next week I will list the 30-day Relationship Challenge.

Tips for better Communication from
1. Acknowledge their position. By this I mean to put yourself in their shoes, it can diffuse tension and resentment in your relationship. Take a step back and think of things from their perspective.
2. Put down the passive aggressive behavior. Direct and to the point communication is the best. There are no winners or losers.
3. Learn to speak with your partner in mind. If you are the one that initiated the conversation, you probably will have your thoughts and feelings in mind, so when explaining things through expect for there to be another set of opinions and feelings to take into account. You are a team. Try to use we instead of you.
4. Communicate frequently. The more you talk to your partner the easier it gets. It becomes second nature! Don’t wait to have in depth conversations, until it’s a pressing and emotionally charged matter
5. Learn when to be quiet. While it’s important to communicate, sometimes taking a step away is the best idea. Know when it’s time to cool off. You can’t unsay things. Walk away instead of saying something counterproductive and hurtful.

When you are talking to your partner do not interrupt when they are talking. Wait, and listen to what they say. Then you can repeat what you heard them say (or what you think they said) and then they can confirm or deny if they actually said it. This is about learning to listen to each other and not just assume you know what they mean. Remember you chose this person for marriage and don’t argue or fight in front of the children. If you find you need additional help with communication there are counselors that can help you with learning about your relationship, please get in touch with them. Next post will list the 30 day challenge in whole, I will be posting it daily on my facebook page, located at Until next time…

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