Does your Mental Health Status Affect Your Relationships?

All mental health professionals will tell you the answer is absolutely! Your mental state contributes immensely to your ability to form close bonds with others. Many people with mental health problems lack the skills needed to create or sustain vital relationships, whether it be with a spouse, family members, or friends.

Tips on Building Healthy Relationships:
1) Try not to be concerned about the small things. People with mental illness (particularly Depression) often focus on their faults. Seek to look at the big picture, including the things you are doing well!

2) Express Yourself. Express your feelings; I cannot stress this enough! Keeping your feelings inside (whether good or bad) is never a great idea. Talk it out, release your thoughts, worries and concerns. Holding your emotions in will eventually cause bad feelings to accumulate and further damage your mental state.

If all else fails, please see help from a professional counselor, either individual, couple or family therapy can help the person dealing with the mental health issue and their families/partner in assisting them.

I am available Monday-Friday and some Saturdays, please contact me if you need assistance or if someone you know is dealing with mental health issues…

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