A Year in Review — 2015

As a new year approaches I am taking the time to reflect on the past 12 months.  I started my practice in January 2015 with no clients and no backup money.  I put my profile on Psychology Today and one by one I started to get a couple of clients.  I got my own office and started decorating it.

I had a couple wonderful months where I made a little extra money and some months that I was short, but overall I stuck with it and was determined to make it work.  I had a couple personal issues, my mother was sick and needed surgery to save her life and it did, but she was in Ohio for 2 to 3 months and now she is a lot better but she is still in rehab back in Michigan now.

So my first year as a business owner was full of ups and downs but the determination that my mother passed on to me is going full force.  I have big plans for 2016 and I am hoping to have a better year than this one.  I have moved into a bigger office with a few more clients.

I am always looking for more opportunities to help more people.  Until the next time.

3 thoughts on “A Year in Review — 2015

  1. Congratulations,sounds as you have had a great year, glad to here your mother is doing better.It is tough running a business, jungling time with the family. Look forward to reading some more in the future


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