Does Your Mental Health Affect Your Parenting?

A person suffering from mental illness isn’t a bad parent, but mental illness can complicate how they interact with their children. For example, parents who suffer from Bipolar Disorder are 10 times more likely to overreact, which leads to inappropriate punishments. Here are some ways to mitigate the effect of mental illness with regards to parenting:

1) Monkey See, Monkey Do. parenting 1
Stay calm and be a positive influence to your child; always remember children are watching and consequently reenact everything that we as adults do. If you must get upset or let out your feelings of frustration or pain, do it in a way that your child doesn’t necessarily see. What I do is I take a time out myself, go to your room (if able) and just give yourself 5-10 minutes to calm down and deep breathe.

2) Learn to be patient.
Remember patience is a virtue. If your child is being difficult cool down, count to 10 and then attempt to attend the situation. Also, remember they are little and they do not know how to behave yet (depending on the age) so being patient helps teaches them patience. I like to teach children to control their emotions by blowing bubbles, because you have to blow slowly to get the full effect of bubbles.

I have personal experience with this, although depression is what I have dealt with the majority of my life. So I understand your pain, frustration, and desire to be a better parent. If you need help with your parenting skills along with dealing with your bipolar disorder there is help for you. Please call 517-256-7314 or email for more information about scheduling. You can even go to my facebook page located at

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