What dotransition 2 you think of when you hear the word transition?  What type of transitions happens all the time?  I think of seasons changing, life changing for some, or changing jobs/careers, relationship changes, parenting changes, and roles change.

As you look outside you could see the snow melting and flowers starting to bloom.  Therefore, I figured I would write about transitions.  First, a transition is a movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept to another.  We as humans are always changing we are always in one state of transition or another.

Today is the first day of spring so our seasons are in transitions, we should be seeing warmer weather and more life outside.  Another type of transition is when a child has grown into an adult and has decided to move away from home.  The mixture of feelings includes pride, love, abandonment, pain, and sadness.  You want your child to grow and develop into an adult but you also long for that little one that relied on you for everything.

I understand the season of transitions; I am now in the sandwich generation taking care of my kids and my mother at the same time.  I also just had a child turn 18 and in the process of moving out of the house, so I am down to just 2 full-time children.

On the other hand, when you are the adult and you are used to your parents being there and taking care of everything for you, but now you have to take care of them.  It is a transition going from child to adult.  It is a transition going from student to employee, single to being married; having no kids to having kids and back to no kids again.

You could be transitioning from college student, high school student, to being out in the real world and not sure what to do next.  You could be a mother whose oldest child just turned 18 and is leaving the nest and you do not like the feeling of losing a child.  You could be an adult child trying to take care of your children and your parents at the same time.  You could be a single young adult about to be married or newly married and about to become a parent.  You could be the married adult who is about to be divorced and single with kids.  You could be a single parent trying to do it all.  You could be transitioning from job to job.

Whatever your transition is, if you are struggling with it there is help for you.  Contact me at or 517-256-7314 for more information.

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