Mental Illness and Suicide

Mental health studies conclude that people with poor mental health are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide. Every year in the United States, more than 36,000 individuals die by suicide while hundreds of thousands more attempt it. More often than not, these occurrences are due to chemical imbalances in the brain. Here are some tips for dealing with suicidal thoughts:


1) Know that there is always help. Seek the help of a counselor or call a suicide help-line.  Death is not the answer and will not solve your problems. There is hope for you.


2) Always take your medication. Individuals who are prescribed antipsychotic medications should under no circumstances stop their medication unless otherwise directed by a physician.


If you know someone that is thinking about suicide please encourage them to seek help.  They may think that their life will get better, but they don’t realize that the ones they leave behind have to deal with the affects of it.  You can contact me at for more information.  There is hope for them and their loved ones.  Be safe…

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