Feeling Overwhelmed

This past May, it has been three years since I graduated with my Masters and got my Limited Licensed as a Professional Counselor.  I have a lot of personal and professional issues going on right now and I feel overwhelmed by everything to the point where all I want to do is run away from life for a day or two just to recharge my batteries and come up with a new perspective.


I am trying to find another job, pack and move my house with very little help, deal with getting my son through summer school, a sick parent, my fiancé’s health issues, my own health issues, plan a cheap wedding for myself and my daughter, just went through a divorce, and of course everyone’s favorite dealing with finances all on top of working very part time at most 2-3 days a week.  Needless to say, I am STRESSED OUT.


Now most of my friends that I talk to are counselors and they all ask the same question, “What would you tell your client?”  My response is this, “I would tell them to take a minute and breathe, or take a break and then come back to it, to break down everything you have to get done and focus on one thing at a time.”  All I can say is it is easier said than done.  Right now, I am almost in full-blown panic mode and trying to take a step back is very difficult.


Today while I was waiting on my fiancé to get out of his procedure I was talking to another patient’s family member and I told her I was feeling like I was done adulting for the week, I am just feeling overwhelmed.  When I list everything that needs to be done it is so much to do and I am only one person.  This means while everyone is sleeping, I am laying there in bed awake not making any noise thinking about how to get it done.


I have decided to focus on getting my son through summer school, packing and moving hopefully in the next week or two, and looking for a job that will allow me to support my family.  These three things are still overwhelming to me and I will probably lose even more sleep for the next seven to eight weeks, at least until my son is done with summer school.  I am going to create to do lists or task lists and break them down until they are manageable but with time running out I don’t think that will work as well.  For the times when I feel emotionally overwhelmed and I just want to run away, I will stop and just listen to some music or read a book and breathe deeply.


What do you do when you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed?  What helps and what doesn’t?  As usual, if you or someone you know needs professional help please contact me at darlacarmoneyllpc@gmail.com.