How to Create a Trigger Record

I thought this was a wonderful article and could see how beneficial it would be to my clients.


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Trigger Records can help you recognize what situations are triggering you.  Recognizing what is triggering you:

Helps you regain a sense of control.

Helps you realize when you truly are not in danger.

Helps you prepare when you know you’re going to face a trigger.

For example, let’s say you are at a friend’s barbecue when a small child starts to cry. Your heart starts racing and you begin feeling afraid and irritable. You make up some excuse and go home.  Back home, you feel safer and less afraid, but isolated, alone, and sad that you left the party.  Using the Trigger Record guides you to understand that the smell of barbecue and the crying child were triggers—they reminded you of a traumatic experience you had in the war zone. You are now aware of the link between your war zone experiences and…

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