Resources I Recommend

On this page I will list products and websites that I recommend for counseling.  Thank you for purchasing these products through the links, I will receive a percentage that will help me create groups in the area.  If you find that you don’t like the product please let me know.


Common Sense Parenting, 4th Edition is an awesome book for parents with children from 6 to 16 years of age.  I wish I had read this book when my children were younger.  It teaches parents how to be teachers and teach their children common social skills, calming techniques, and to listen to directions without the yelling and screaming.


I have chosen to list some coloring books for adults, because research has shown that coloring helps reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.  I will hand coloring sheets out to my clients and have them color to help with their anxiety and stress.

You need colored pencils for the coloring books and these are excellent to use.



This is an excellent book for children with ADHD.  It will show how even though they have ADHD it does not have them.  It gives them tips and guidelines for dealing with ADHD.